"Praise the Lord" Praise the Lord" "Praise the Lord" We as the KOTF Ministry and Family have a lot to be thankful for. First of all Thank You Lord for always Loving and Guiding and Leading but most of all Protecting us in our live's individually and as a Ministry for the past 19 year's. We thank you for that and we also thank you for our dear families and friend's who has been our solid support through thick and thin and being the back bone of this Ministry we Thank You and Love Y'all. To our dear friends to whom we have made over the year's in or travels and to y'all who have dedicated and Prayed and Supported this Ministry through the giving of your finances and your time in helping us and your home's you have opened up for us to have a place to sleep and lay our tired body's to relax and rest from traveling the roads. Theirs no words to express how we feel about y'all individually but Thank You! Last but not least we the KOTF Ministry wants to say a BIG THANK YOU to the Wives and Children and the Great Grand Children who are the reason we are able to be on the road for the past 19 year's. Y'all are the greatest GIFT God has given to us and we thank God everyday for you guy's and we love y'all and to you our family y'all know that we've had a tough and rough year in 2018 and despite all that the Good Lord and with the help of many love one's we got through it "Praise the Lord" Please keep praying and supporting the Ministry we LOVE Y'ALL. We the KOTF Ministry and Family dedicates this New Album to our Dear Mom or Mama. We thank God and Praise the good Lord that our Mama is able to hear this New CD project with her 2 son's and Grand Children in it. We Love Mama! It is our Prayer the New Album will be a Blessing and Inspiration to everyone that hears it. But may it lead you to a closer relationship with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Blessings, KOTF Ministry

The Anchor Holds